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Shattered life.!!!!

Many broken pieces
Shattered, now apart
What can I do to mend it?
To mend by broken heart?

I walk along the beach
Leaving footprints cold and bare
How can I enjoy the sunset,
When there’s no one here to share?

There used to be a pair,
Of footprints next to mine.
But they washed away with waves
And the shifting sands of time.

All I can do now,
Is remember how things were.
The good times, not the bad times,
Which caused my heart to stir.

To live to die,
What does it matter?
While I am in this state.
I didn’t know how much I loved,
Until it was too late.


Sorry I forgot to tell you
That as my friend you must be true.

As that I went to say,
No more were we at play.

I meant to tell you the future looked bright,
But all of a sudden we got in a fight.

I went to tell you we should be friends,
That I will be here untill the end.

But you would not listen to me,
So friends no longer shall we be.

As that I went to say,

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I see your smile
I know your mind
No words need be said
I understand.

Focused on each other
We listen and we care
Laughter ripples like water
Together, we are.

Others are here, yes,
And we value them, yes,
But a special bond remains,
A line between us two.

Each friendship is special
Each is unique
And so is ours
We know.

And then time begins to roll
and rear it’s ugly head
Change begins
Now a little less than before.

Slowly, surely,
Not knowing why
Faster, stronger, without care
Our world shifts and shimmers and splits.

Shattered shards cascade down
Spurred by angry, lashing words
Contorted faces, stone deaf ears
Outside the whirlwind,
We die inside.

The scars run deep
Jagged clefts in our souls
We have suceeded in hurting
And hurt ourselves.

So you move on
And I remain
We keep on living
Turn our faces apart.

Now I glance across
At you from outside
Shaded eyes dry with tears
New friends, new life.

Laughter, smiling (clenched teeth)
The flippant toss of the head
The enclosure surrounds you
I cannot come near.

From behind my glass window
I know more than those within
I see the hurt in your eyes
I know the pain in your smile
I have been there before – I love you
Why do you pretend?

I hate to see your pain
And I cry inside
Tears deep within my soul
I cannot help you anymore.

What we had once
We can never have again.

The scars run deep,
But I still care.

You were my friend.

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