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1)  Main Colors are just three but what they can make is uncountable .

2)  Colors makes no difference to blind people but those who can see these colors they are not able to explore means of that.

3)  No bodies know why we Prefer  Red Roses  For love..not yellow..??

4)  Colors tells in What way u take a situation in life.

5)  Infinite Small variation in wavelength makes color with different shade , like Small change in life makes u feel better or worst.!!

6)  To be Dynamic Personality Accept all color either u like u or not.



Friendship is not about “am sorry” its about “kamine teri galti hai”.
It’s not about “am here for you” it’s about “kahan hai nalayak?”.
Its not about “I understand” It’s about “sab teri wajah se hua hai manhus”.
Its not about “I care for you” its about “kamino tumhe chhod ke kahan jaunga”.
Its not about “I am happy for… your success” it’s about “lukkhe chal party de!”
Thanks for being my friend. 🙂

@ harry helps me in this…

Shattered life.!!!!

Many broken pieces
Shattered, now apart
What can I do to mend it?
To mend by broken heart?

I walk along the beach
Leaving footprints cold and bare
How can I enjoy the sunset,
When there’s no one here to share?

There used to be a pair,
Of footprints next to mine.
But they washed away with waves
And the shifting sands of time.

All I can do now,
Is remember how things were.
The good times, not the bad times,
Which caused my heart to stir.

To live to die,
What does it matter?
While I am in this state.
I didn’t know how much I loved,
Until it was too late.